Healthy Families Careers

Healthy Families Careers

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Compassionate, collaborative, team-oriented, caring: meet the Healthy Families team. 

The Healthy Families Massachusetts network is comprised of over 250 family support staff across the commonwealth. For more than 20 years, Healthy Families Massachusetts has provided intensive staff training, professional supervision, and a statewide support network across all towns and cities in Massachusetts.

Joining the Healthy Families team is more than a career, it is an opportunity to change the trajectory of a family's life. As a Healthy Families team member, you are an advocate for families across Massachusetts. Healthy Families home visitors help to guide new parents with everything from navigating parenting challenges and understanding child development to reaching personal goals like graduating college or gaining employment. 

General Responsibilities

  • Provide home visiting services to a caseload of no more than 20 families.
  • Screen all assigned participants to confirm eligibility and offer services or resources according to HFM standards.
  • Identify and offer primary services to participant partners who qualify for services or co-parenting services to those who decline or are ineligible according to HFM standards.
  • Engage assigned participants in services using a variety of outreach strategies for a minimum of three months.
  • Engage families by completing the Family Profile and subsequent assessment tool with them according to HFM guidelines.
  • Connect participants to local community resources as needed.
  • Develop Family Goal Plans (FGP) with parents that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant,time-bound (SMART), participant-driven, and reflect HFM goals and standards.
  • Model appropriate parent/child interaction.
  • Document all interactions with families.

Healthy Families Massachusetts is a program of the Children's Trust.

"To be part of Healthy Families Massachusetts is an amazing experience." 

Benefits of joining Healthy Families

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Healthy Families serves every community across Massachusetts. 

Healthy Families Massachusetts is an affiliate of Healthy Families America®.

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