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summer camp: protecting your child



As we get our children ready for their summer activities, we know we need to pack certain items for their safety. Stock up on the bug spray and suncreen now!

We think to do these things because we want to protect our kids from harm, of course. But, we need to think about other things that could potentially harm them as well - other people.

It's a difficult topic for most parents to consider, but the reality of sexual assault against children is all too real. The good news is that there are concrete steps parents can take to keep kids safe. The Massachusetts Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force has put together an informative fact sheet with a checklist to help parents determine if a camp or summer program is ready and able to accept the responsibility of caring for their child(ren).

Please take a look at the fact sheet and consider sharing with friends and family. You can find more information on the Task Force here.