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strengthening families in massachusetts


Every family has strengths, and every parent wants to raise their children in a responsible and loving manner. But parenting just may be the toughest job on the planet, and all parents need a support system to help them raise healthy, happy children.

At the Children’s Trust, we work to strengthen our communities by helping parents build and sustain nurturing and loving home environments where children can thrive.

There is no recipe for making a strong family, and everyone has different ideas of what it takes and how important they are.

For the month of April, we are asking YOU -- our supporters and friends, our programs and participants -- to share what strong families mean to you. What do they mean for our children, our communities, and our Commonwealth?

Strong Families equals

You can download a PDF of the sign, or make your own. Take a photo with the sign, post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #StrongFamilies and tag us! We'll share your photos here.