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the children's trust wants to remind all families to be safe this summer


You should never leave a child alone in a car, #NotEvenForAMinute. On a 70-degree day, with windows slightly open, the temperature inside a car can exceed 90 degrees in 10 minutes. Left alone in a car, a child can quickly suffer heat-related illnesses, abduction, or even death.

Never leave a child alone in a car, not even for a minute.

The Children's Trust wants families and their children to have a safe and happy summer, so we encourage everyone to help us spread this important message to all parents and caregivers of children. Remind them to always check the backseat when leaving their car as a majority of child vehicular heatstroke cases are due to forgotten children – and to dial 911 immediately if they see an unattended child in a car. Let them know that they should keep cars locked at all times and keys out of their child's reach, as one third of child hot car deaths are children getting into an unlocked or unattended vehicle themselves.

To receive free #NotEvenForAMinute posters and flyers please fill out this order form. Check out and share's tips for parents on keeping kids safe in cars. Follow us on social media and visit our Not Even For A Minute graphics page for content that you can share with your networks.

Thanks to everyone who joined our Thunderclap to lend a tweet or Facebook post to help spread the word. Together we can prevent harm to children!

Special thanks to the Retailers Association of Massachusetts and the state Department of Transportation for working with us to keep kids safe and happy this summer.