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children’s trust selected as children’s wellbeing pioneer


The Children’s Trust was selected as one of 122 Children’s Wellbeing Pioneers as part of a groundbreaking initiative by Ashoka Changemakers and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to promote children’s wellbeing. The collaborative and innovative Children’s Wellbeing Initiative is trying to nurture “a cross-sector network of funders, innovators, policy makers, and others to drive a shared vision for the wellbeing of children in the U.S.A.” In October, 10 Champions of Children’s Wellbeing will ultimately be selected out of the group of 122 Pioneers.

Childrens Wellbeing Pioneer

Our project under consideration is the Prevention Initiative, a new endeavor in its early planning stages. This comprehensive framework for preventing child maltreatment in Massachusetts is a bold new approach to a longstanding problem, and we are excited for this opportunity to connect with and learn from such a dynamic and knowledgeable network. With input from peer reviewers and the network of pioneers, we have already made improvements to our vision for prevention communities across the state.

Creating a culture of wellbeing means empowering both families and communities with the resources they need to thrive. It also means working deliberately and collaboratively across many sectors and constituencies. We are honored and grateful to be able to work together with so many inspired and visionary pioneers to help bring about truly supportive and nurturing environments for children’s wellbeing in Massachusetts and beyond.