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be the village. help stop child abuse.


With the tragedy of Bella Bond back in the news, it’s an emotional time in Massachusetts.

It’s easy to point fingers. To blame the people closest to that sweet child. The neighbors and friends and family who didn’t intervene. The institutions that failed her. The systems that let her down.

The harshest reality of all, however, is that we all failed her.  And we are failing kids across the Commonwealth. Every. Single. Day.

The good news, of course, is that we can create the resilient, caring communities that every child and family deserves. Indeed, many people and programs throughout Massachusetts are already leading the way. Countless others are ready to stand up and fight for a safe and healthy childhood for ALL our kids.

Join our movement!

It can be hard to dig in and effectively address both the root causes of child maltreatment and the gaps in our institutions that allow it to continue. However, the Children’s Trust has been doing just that for three decades. We are on a mission to stop child abuse in Massachusetts. But, we need your help to do it.

Here are three easy ways for you to help:

1) Sign and share the pledge to take at least one action this year to help stop child abuse.

2) Donate to the Children's Trust and invest in a safe, bright, and healthy future for MA kids.

3) Visit for ways to learn more and spread the word about our #every15minutes campaign to stop child abuse.

In joining the growing movement to stop child abuse in Massachusetts, you are standing up for the most vulnerable among us and saying YES to safe kids and healthy futures. It takes a village. We are that village.

let's stop child abuse in massachusetts

Thank you for stepping up!

P.S. If you really want to go all out, you can post an online fundraiser on Facebook. If you have any questions or want help with language or graphics, email us at